Rope Inc.’s line of performance ropes are specifically designed for competitive regatta racers or sailors of higher performance vessels such as catamarans. Most lines offered utilize High-tech materials such as Dyneema® or Spectra®.

Endura Braid is one of New England Rope’s latest high tech ropes using Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. The double braided construction consists of the same high strength core materials as the 12-stranded product encased in a twill cover for increased abrasion resistance and better handling.

The world’s best Dyneema® halyard – pure breaking strength. Admiral Dyneema is suited for all halyards, backstays, and spinnaker sheets and guys. The core features FSE Roblines SYIS impregnation of Dyneema SK75 producing an extremely high tensile, low stretch rope. A tight polyester jacket helps reduce abrasion resistance and allows for smooth control in clutches or on winches. More Admiral Dyneema info

V-100 is a high performance double braided rope, consisting of a Vectran® core contained within a polyester jacket. The core is treated with New England Ropes’ unique marine-tech coating for improved durability and greater UV resistance. The polyester cover provides excellent abrasion resistance under extreme loads. V-100 exhibits extremely high strength, very low stretch, and ultra low creep.

Excellent grip and high abrasion resistance for use on winches. Super Yacht Sheet from FSE Robline is the ideal sheet for modern performance cruisers. The highly abrasion-resistant polyester sheathing withstands even the roughest conditions, while still being easy to handle.

A fantastic sheet for all dinghy classes. FSE Racing Sheet is the sheet of choice of Olympic gold medalists, World and European champions. Developed in cooperation with several top athletes from the sailing scene, Racing Sheet combines all features required of high-performance ropes.

Salsa Line is ultra strong, ultra soft sheet for larger one designs and keelboats. Salsa Line has proven to be a great kink-free sheet. Easy to splice. Perfect for boats that require high tensile, such as J24’s, Sonars, Finns, and larger performance boats. Used for Mainsheets, Gonoa Sheets, and Traveler Lines.

Flight Line is perfect for light air spinnaker sheets on larger one designs or mainsheets on performance dinghies. Can be tapered. Colors are red, green, blue, and yellow. Polypropylene Cover and Braided Dyneema/Spectra 1000 Core.