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Choosing the Right Dock Line & Mooring Rope

As a general rule, the length of bow and stern lines should equal two-thirds of your boat’s overall length. Spring lines should be slightly longer, approximately the same length as your boat. Spring lines keep the boat snugly near the dock by preventing it from moving fore or aft, while allowing for the rise and fall of the tide …. Read More

Bow Chock and Docking Line

Guidelines to Rope Care

At Rope Inc, we take great care in providing the highest quality lines, coradge and fittings. A few guidelines about its general use will help to increase the life of the rope and assist you in achieving the best performance possible from our products. Abrasion and sharp edges are a rope’s worst enemy …. Read More

Rope Cleat

Glossary of Rope Terms

From Abaca (The fiber of which is processed to become Manila rope) to Z-Twist (A twist that would be laid out by turning the yarn or rope in a clockwise direction). A comprehensive glossary of definitions …. Read More

Rope Cleat

Splicing Services

Our skilled staff at Rope inc. can provide custom splicing for dock lines, running rigging and anchor gear, as well as leather and fabric chafe gear. Contact us for more information regarding custom splicing. Services

Rope Splice

Conversion Chart

A convenient aid to calculating assorted measurements. From length, to weight, to strength and temperaure. Conversions include metric to imperial measurements for calculations. Read More

Rope Splice