Manila Rope

Rope Inc Supplys Grade 1 Manila Rope

Manila Rope is made in the Philippines of hard leaf fiber from the tropical plant Abaca, a member of the banana plant family. Abaca is the strongest of the natural fibers. The Philippines is the chief source for both the fiber and the rope.

Commonly Used as Architectural Rope and for Decorative Purposes

We stock all sizes of manila rope. Spools and cut lengths available.

Diameter (inch)Diameter (mm)Tensile StrengthWeight Lbs./100′Spool LengthCode
1/4″6 mm5402.0600′0005-08
3/8″9 mm1,2204.1600′0005-12
1/2″12 mm2,3807.5600′0005-16
3/4″18 mm4,86016.7600′0005-24
1″24 mm8,10027.0600′0005-32
1 1/4″30 mm12,20041.6600′0005-40
1 1/2″36 mm16,70060.0600′0005-50
2″48 mm28,000108.0600′0005-64
Manila Rope

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